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Biodegradable Recyclable Water Resistant Poly Mailers 10" X 13" + 1.5", 2.5 Mil Thick Poly Bags for Business Shipping

10" X 13" Unpadded - Made of top quality material and keeps your content arriving in perfect condition. Can be used for soft and unbreakable products. Our tear-resistant eco-friendly envelope mailers will most definitely leave a lasting impression. Simply peel, seal, and you're ready to ship.

Eco-Friendly - 100% Recyclable: Consists of Oxo-biodegradable additive as per recipe from Wells Plastic Ltd (1% Reverte BD 92771) which induces oxo-biodegradability in polymers in controlled manner. Once the initial stage of degradation has occurred the bag will have micro fragmented, transformed from long polymer chains to much smaller biodigestible materials. In a viable bacterial environment these small molecular species will be consumed, converting into CO2, H2O and biomass. This breaks down our poly mailers into an organic substance over a period of two years in the open air! That means no micro plastics left behind and a win for our planet!

Our poly mailers have incredible durability to prevent ripping, tearing, and moisture. The powerful adhesive provides a tamper evident seal to prevent theft and damage to your package. 

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