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Break infection chains immediately


With an innovative 1-minute COVID 19 symptom screening test that anyone can do anywhere Accuracy validated at 96.4% versus PCR

Hyposmia (partial or Anosmia complete loss of the sense of smell) is the most suitable indicator for early COVID-19 detection as it often develops early after exposure to infections at the onset of the contagious phase. This is the most important time to detect the infection to break infection chains.


Our highly accurate smell test can quickly screen large groups of people. Those who the test identifies as “suspicious” – i.e. failing the smell test – can then be given a PCR to confirm their infection. These steps can be executed quickly at home or at scale, such as airports, hospitals, stadiums and schools.


The Corowell test offersan easy, rapid &cost-effective way to objectively identify suspected COVID-19 infectionsby testing the sense of smell. 

A user scans the QR code on their ticket (1), then scratches & smells the scented area (2) and selects the corresponding scent in the App (3).

The user then completes a COVID-19 survey (4). Results are ready in 1-minute. This non- invasive smell test can be done anywhere by anyone.

People who pass the test receive a digital pass (5) which can be scanned by officials at events, schools, airports and other places.